Comprehensive Adolescent Treatment

Adolescent orthodontic treatment occurs between the ages of 11 and 15, which is the most ideal and common time for treatment since it is a period of rapid growth and development.

During this time, Dr. Feeney will carefully assess the growing child to ensure that jaws and teeth are developing properly and create a comprehensive orthodontic treatment plan that will lead to a healthy smile into adulthood.

Every smile is unique, which means that the best treatment plan will vary from person to person. At your first appointment with us, we’ll conduct a thorough initial examination with a few pictures and X-rays of your mouth. We will also take an impression of your bite, so we can properly assess what degree of treatment is needed. Whether it be palatal expanders, braces or Invisalign, Dr. Feeney will create a personalized treatment plan to ensure your child receives the treatment that best fits you’re his or her needs and preferences.