Our Philosophy

We are in the practice of orthodontics, not the business of orthodontics. We are here to educate and inform our patients about every step of their treatment, not to simply sell them on unnecessary treatment just to reach a monthly quota.

Dr. Feeney and his staff truly care about forming long-term relationships with their patients based on mutual respect, cooperation, and communication.

The office practices the highest level of safety with each and every one of its patients which includes a policy of minimum radiation exposure.

For each patient Dr. Feeney does a careful analysis and creates an individual problem specific treatment plan that is uniquely tailored to each patient. Our goal is to deliver the best possible orthodontic care in a warm, safe and caring environment that puts your children at absolute ease. We strive to earn your trust and confidence every day and believe you and your families should be treated as guests in our home.

Dr. Feeney’s philosophy is patient centered and problem specific and not age or “my neighbor’s kids have braces” related. Each growing (child) or fully grown (adult) patient may present with similar problems but may have to be treated very differently. Facial growth is the “x factor” that is an extremely valuable component for superior orthodontic results in children and adolescents.

In most cases, Dr. Feeney’s philosophy is to “ride the wave” of maximum facial growth during the pubertal growth spurt and finish treatment as close to the cessation of growth as possible. This limits potentially unwanted changes that often occur if a child’s treatment is finished at age 12 before he/she may have gone through their explosive facial growth (and changes) that occur in puberty.

Although many parents “think” they want their children in and out of braces by the time they are twelve or thirteen, once they are educated, they understand the benefits of waiting for all the permanent teeth and the beginning of this powerful “x-factor” of growth.

Dr. Feeney’s aftercare goes beyond treatment time. Retention is a lifetime phenomenon. As we age, so do the structures that support our teeth. As those structures age and change, so may the position of our teeth. To minimize the shifting of teeth, we recommend long-term retention. Long-term retention is the placement of extremely thin wires behind the front teeth – mostly bottom and sometimes top. These wires will limit movement of teeth from age 20 and beyond, which is the time when front teeth will often shift out of alignment. By this time, the orthodontist may be long forgotten, but your teeth and bite will remain in place. For those patients who are averse to the permanent retention, they simply wear thin clear retainers every night to maintain their correction.