Bonded Retainers

Retention is a lifetime phenomenon. As we age, so do the structures that support our teeth. As those structures age and change, so may the position of our teeth. To minimize the shifting of teeth, we recommend long-term retention. Long-term retention is the placement of extremely thin wires behind the front teeth – mostly bottom and sometimes top. These wires will limit movement of teeth from age 20 and beyond, which is the time when front teeth will often shift out of alignment. By this time, the orthodontist may be long forgotten, but your teeth and bite will remain in place. For those patients who are averse to the permanent retention, they simply wear thin clear retainers every night to maintain their correction.

To minimize shifting and maintain the desired position of teeth post-orthodontic treatment, we strongly suggest the use of retainers for long-term retention. Our New Canaan orthodontic practice offers Hawley and Clear Retainers.

Clear Retainers are transparent aligners similar to that of Invisalign tray. These removable retainers are easy to wear and do not contain wires.

The Hawley retainer is created with sturdy acrylic and metal wires. This removable appliance is one of the most common and popular retainers available. Retainers are custom made per patient from impressions taken of teeth. This custom fit allows for maximum support and comfort. The acrylic piece within your retainer can also be custom made in terms of color or pattern.