To All of Our Wonderful Families, Patients, and Parents:

We all hope that you are managing as best as possible through the pandemic and staying healthy and well. Thank you for all entrusting us with the care of your families. We sincerely appreciate your patience, feedback, support and cooperation throughout these many challenging months.
As we all know, we entering a period of increased viral outbreak and spread. To that end we must be extraordinarily vigilant in our screening procedures and protocols of any person entering our office. Recently we have had to reschedule some patients who may have had a potential primary, secondary or tertiary contact with a COVID positive individual. Rest assured that we are not doing this to inconvenience anyone. It is to the contrary. We must be very strict in order to protect our patient population, our staff and all of our families. These actions are only out of concern for the public health and safety of everyone. Yes, it can be frustrating, annoying and inconvenient, but it is better than the alternative of spreading the virus and being part of the problem rather than part of the solution. Additionally, in most cases, if any patient has a cold or sore throat or an upset stomach, they are being rescheduled.
We not only have to practice this with our patients but also our staff, including myself. If any of our stadd have had primary exposure to a COVID positive individual outside of the office, they must self quarantine at home for 14 days and have a negative COVID test after the 14 days, before returning to the office. If any staff has had a secondary or tertiary exposure to a COVID positive individual outside of the office, they are not allowed in the office until they have proof of (test results) being negative for COVID and proof of (test results) the person that they were in contact with, being negative for COVID. Additionally all must adhere to the exposure and quarantine guidelines and protocols set forth by the CDC, CSDA and ADA.
Furthermore, I want to thank all of the families for their understanding and support of our $15 sanitization fee surcharge. I really hesitated in instituting this temporary policy but as time went on it became apparent that it was necessary to do so for us to remain operational under the COVID guidelines. With that said, as of December 1, 2020, we are suspending the $15 sanitization fee, per patient visit, surcharge. I am hopefully that this is for good, but we may have to re-institute it in 2021 depending on the circumstances. We want to avoid another shutdown. However, if mandated by the State of Connecticut, we will adhere to all state and federal mandates and guidelines.
Lastly we ask that if any individual finds out if they are COVID positive or had exposure to a COVID positive individual within a week before, during or after their appointment with us, to please notify us so that we may asses the situation and act accordingly.
It will be an interesting winter. Consequently, we shall all do our best to navigate whatever comes out way and we thank you for helping us do so for entrusting us with the care of you and your loved ones. Of course, if for any reason, any parent or patient would like to speak to me, please do not hesitate to call me at the office. If I am unable to speak with you, I will always call you back. Thank you.
Best regards,
Dr. Austin W. Feeney



We know that having a great smile is valuable to one's self-esteem and sense of well-being. That’s why Dr. Austin Feeney and the entire team at our New Canaan, Connecticut orthodontic practice is committed to providing the most exceptional care and results for our patients. 
Leveraging today’s latest technology in orthodontics, Dr. Austin Feeney can help achieve results that will transform your smile. Each and every patient’s treatment plan is custom formulated by Dr. Feeney to address an individual’s wants and needs.  
In addition,  Dr. Feeney’s friendly and attentive staff ensure that your visit to the orthodontist is informative, stress-free and affordable. 
We are conveniently located in charming New Canaan, Connecticut to service patients in the surrounding areas of  Westport, Norwalk, Weston, Darien and Greenwich. We know that the first step towards a beautiful smile begins with selecting an orthodontist that you can rely on.  Don’t hesitate to give us a call at (203)-966-3042 if you have any questions or if you would like to schedule an appointment. 
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  • Margaret and Dan S.
    "Dr. Feeney’s calm, kind demeanor and thoughtful insistence on perfection made us realize our three children were in great hands. He has surrounded himself with exceptional staff – competent, patient and encouraging. They go beyond the norm to make each patient’s experience meet the expectations of both child and parents. We wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Feeney to everyone."
  • Amy F.
    "It has been a true pleasure on absolutely every level having Dr. Feeney and his competent staff help our two girls with their orthodontics. From the minute you greet Lori in the front office to the minute you walk out the door, you are in highly professional, caring hands. It is so reassuring when people care, and this group of dedicated, skilled professionals truly care about the final outcome but also the well-being of their patients throughout treatment. Fabulous experience!!"
  • Dr. Merissa B.
    "Dr. Feeney is a wonderful orthodontist who cares about every detail of treatment from start to finish. He is a wealth of knowledge and integrity, and a true gem within the community."